Web Development and Digital Marketing

At BWD we offer fully SEO optimized & beautifully designed websites that can reach out to your potential and current customers. As Well as Web design we also offer Digital Marketing & Graphic Design.
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Professional Business Website Design

Clean, simple designs ready to be customized.

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Interactive user experience on all devices.

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Rank High on ALL search engines.

What We Offer

We are a professional company with over 20 years experience in the marketing and design industry, We understand every company is different and every company needs to stand out in there own original way. We are full of creativity and uniqueness that shows in all of our projects. The world is becoming a world where online presence is essential for ALL company's big and small. We have many services to help your business thrive online!

Web Design

Today the importance of a strong web presence for your business is essential if you want to succeed. We create eye-catching websites with the latest web technology that is effective and engaging for your users.


SEO Optimization

Of course behind a Eye-catching website follows allot of strategic SEO code to make it perfect for your users, Google, Bing and other search engines. We aim only to be ranking high on all search engines and of course we achieve that with many of the websites we have designed for our customers.


Hosting Facilities

At BWD we can host your site on our server maintaining and supporting it. The advantage of hosting your site with us is we can support you 1 to 1 completely removing the 'middle man' and immediately helping to solve any issues you may perennially come across.


Logo, Business Cards & Leaflet Design

Every business needs a powerful logo that is unique and eye-catching with a visual purpose to represent their company. Along side a logo we recommend business cards with a clear matching design running through them both. Creating a professional clean & modern touch on all things branding.



The first impression on a customer is very important and it all leads down to branding. Its important to create a powerful, well-designed representation of your company. We aim and succeed to get your business noticed.


Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is a MUST for business big and small, it is important to connect with your customers and create a big following on social media for your business to reach its potential. We can run your social media pages and design content for the pages. You don't have to worry about a thing. We take care of it all.

Web Design by experts

The sky is the limit, no matter how big or small you want your site to be. With a Low cost but high quality website, you will definitely expand your audience with a visually stunning functioning site!

Customer Reviews

Don't just listen to us...Hear what our customers have to say!


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XYZ pagers by LRS was great designed website with perfect SEO behind it.



"Thank you to Chelsey for understanding what we needed from a website, she took everything on board that we asked and delivered to a high quality. We would certainly recommend Chelsey to our Clients and wish her well in her career"


Margaret M Ford

The customer is always right? No, not always, and certainly not when you’re dealing with an expert. It was patiently explained to me that Internet websites are now accessed mostly via a Smart Phone and have to be designed accordingly. If you want a website that not only looks good but works perfectly in tandem with today’s technology then look no further than Chelsey McKenzie to deliver it, and at affordable cost.

Margaret M Ford

Sit back and let us do the work for you.

A professional service from experts. A quality product. A low cost price