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Business web designers offer nothing but great support. We understand what a customer wants from a seller and we offer so much more than the average support out there. If we host your website that we have produced we openly offer 100%support cutting out any middle men or third party companies... we can help immediately to solve and fix any issues you might have.


If we don’t host your website then it becomes a lot harder to offer support because often third party hosting companies can sometimes treat customers as 'just another customer'. When hosted by us you get the best of the best! Over the years we have seen some terrible horror stories about companies that register the domain name then remove your rights to own and move it... or worse, the web domain is about to run out, its in their name and they went broke a month ago! Just imagine what the consequences are when you are completely dependent on your internet website and the business it generates for your company. All of a sudden everything matters and you soon learn the problems generated from working with unscrupulous companies.


Having operated our hosting company since April 2000 with servers that are typically running for well over 99% of the time we can safely say that as well as our hosting platform being solid, that we are also a UK dealer for Icewarp software, which we use for our email systems for clients. Icewarp is one of the premiere mail server clients available today and supports webmail as well as many mail clients.


Obviously, when we use the software that we sell, no one knows it better! So our support we can honestly confirm is second to none. We also use Microsoft servers because let's face it, Microsoft is here to stay and we think that using 'open license' software can be an issue regarding the security of your website. 


Lastly, we also support PHP and other 'addons' that are used generally for website hosting, with some exceptions simply because by sometimes using programs that could in some way affect the server speeds that could have an effect on your website's performance. Our servers are very fast and we aim to keep it that way. We do not support Wordpress or other similar products because in our opinion Wordpress can in certain circumstances compromise your website and allow pages to get hacked especially if 'older' versions of Wordpress are used.


However, we are happy to consider specific requirements for your website if you contact us directly about that aspect of hosting your website.


To receive out support on what we have supplied to you simply call us, we are happy to help any one with any issues that they might have and to give advice that is needed to solve the problem in hand.


For direct support you need to visit our contact page so that we can quickly call you to resolve your issues. Please note that although the office is sometimes closed we do from time to time monitor this input from clients.







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