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A website is pointless if it doesn't have a good ranking on Search Engines. For a website to be successful it has to be on page 1/2. Who would search Google's pages for hours, looking for a site they don't know about?...No one so what makes you think you customers/potential customers will? The general public tend to scroll for a while then either give up looking or go back to the top of page one. ( We can not promise to get your site to number one of page one, it all depends on the sector of business your in.)


A good Optimization is very important, possibly the most important part of building a website. Many things go into getting that score high such as keywords, content and tags every little thing in the website plays a massive part to the ranking position on various search engines mainly Google.


Of course we don't need go into detail about how to get on page one, All you need to know is that we cab get you in a good position on Google. Knocking competitors out of the water!


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We can get you in a great position on Google depending your sector of business. Please  for more information...

Having a great optimization will automatically bring more human traffic to your site.

When browsing the internet people tend to stick to the first page due to trusting the sites shown.

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Below shows some of the websites that we have produced recently that are currently ranking rather well on Google! We produced a website for an events company that is currently ranking on the first page, top position on Google WITHOUT paying for it! Google does allow you to pay your way to number one but they become advertisements, Its not just a one of payment but actually Google charges you per click!

What's the point in paying Google to be number one when BWD have the NEW technology and great experience to get your page ranking high purely because you have a good site. Leaving your company with no extra continuing costs which you would have if you committed to "pay for click" by Google.








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